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SASA & The Law on Personal Data Protection

In SASA mine DOOEL Makedonska Kamenica (hereinafter referred to as Controller) based on the Law on Personal Data protection, a Personal Data Protection Code has been prepared, which regulates personal data protection and the right for privacy relating to personal data processing, and especially the legitimate interests of the Controller, collecting personal data, the rights of the personal data entity, the position of the Controller and take appropriate technical and organizational measures for personal data protection, transfer of personal data and conducting video surveillance at the Controller.


With this Codex, an appropriate system for technical and organizational measures are created which the Controller applies for providing secrecy and personal data processing protection, and for evaluation of their adequacy with the type and scope of the work processes conducted by the Controller.


The personal data subject can additionally review the Privacy statement and other policies for more information for the reasons for the activities for personal data processing, the statutory basis for processing, as well as the destruction of the personal data.


You have the right to be informed as the Controller processes your personal data and the purpose of processing it.


To provide this information, the Controller has prepared a Privacy Statement, which informs you about the data we process for you, how we process them, what is the goal and statutory basis.


If you have any question related to the processing and protection of your personal data, please contact our Personal Data Protection Officer.

Natalija Petrova

Personal Data Protection Officer

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