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The Sasa mine continues to operate, with no disruptions to production or sales to date due to COVID-19,

With COVID-19 cases rising in  North Macedonia and the government introducing escalating measures, SASA has taken a significant number of steps to try to ensure the continued good health of its team members, including:

  • Established a COVID-19 ‘Crisis Committee’

  • Instructing staff to work from home wherever possible 

  • A cessation of all but essential international travel

  • A cessation of all but necessary visitors to site (subject to authorization from General Director)

  • Identification and close monitoring of team members most vulnerable to COVID-19

  • The distribution of COVID-19 related PPE to employees and contractors

  • The distribution of COVID-19 related PPE to community members in our community

  • Undertaken a detailed review of all activities  to ensure that social distancing is at the heart of how we operate during the pandemic

  • Made changes to alcohol testing at Sasa to increase social distancing

  • Made changes to canteen and transport arrangements  to increase social distancing

  • Reinforced relevant government guidance and increased hygiene measures

  • Issued instructions to employees to stay at home if they suffer from any potential COVID-19 symptoms

  • Requesting employees take their temperatures before coming into work, and testing temperatures at the mine gate

  • The review of critical inventory levels to support production in the case of supply disruptions

Our top priority during this time is the welfare of our employees and contractors.

50.000 EUROS 

Donated to the Ministry of Health

80.000 + EUROS

Worth equipment donated to local hospitals

3.500+  MASKS

Donated to local community and institutions


Donated to vulnerable families

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Мерки за заштита од COVID-19

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Како се пренесува КОВИД - 19 и како да се заштитите

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