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On site

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Full time

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  • Organize and monitor a demand-oriented and purposeful vocational training

  • Conducts SASA site training of apprentices

  • In cooperation with the vocation schools defines goals and objectives of the apprentices practical training

  • Maintain contacts with educational organizations

  • Plan, adapt and coordinate flow charts and their training contents

  • Cooperate in the determination of the demand for apprentices

  • Recruit and support the selection of apprentices

  • Technically and disciplinary supervise apprentices

  • Check work results; deviate measures as required

  • Prepares training and testing materials and organize and conduct exams

  • Cooperate in superordinate measures and actions

  • Conduct maintenance work according to specifications

  • Develop the optimization of processes, equipment, and systems

  • Assure the compliance with process and procedure instructions

  • Implement safety, health, and environmental protection regulations within the scope of legislation

  • Determine capabilities and skills for the jobs being trained

  • Takes care of the training workshop occupation plan

  • Mentoring and coaching apprentices during on-job training

  • Takes care of the training workshop's equipment/tools/instruments

  • Administrates all the activities in the apprenticeship department

  • Responsible for obtaining all necessary office materials

  • Participate in preparing the budget for the professional education

  • In coordination with H&S, provide safety equipment

  • Coordinating with partner companies re training and programs

  • Supervise the assigned mentors while the apprentices attend practical training

  • Prepares and delivers monthly reports for student and mentors attendance and performance

  • Reports any irregularities re apprentices, trainers, equipment and other to HR department


  • Customer Focus - Knows and      understands the needs of internal and external customers. Is results oriented and works hard to      consistently provide exceptional service.

  • Ethics and Values - Adheres to an effective set of core values and beliefs and acts in accordance.

  • Integrity, Trust and Confidentiality - Widely trusted and seen as direct and truthful.

  • Composure - Cool under pressure, not knocked off balance by the unexpected, is a settling influence.

  • Organizing- Able to orchestrate effective use of all available resources. Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track details/data/information/activities.

  • Innovation Management - Able to manage the creative process of self and others.


  • A degree in Technical Studies (Mechanical/Electrical profile) studies

  • Proven relevant experience with mentoring and teaching methodology will be considered advantageous

  • Computer literate – excellent skills in the Microsoft Office suite

  • Excellent written and verbal communication in Macedonian and English