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24 works selected from the art competition for children's drawings for 2023

Due to the large number of artworks that were submitted to the competition for children's drawings related to the operation of the mine and its importance for the family and the community, Sasa Mine decided to double the number of drawings that will be used as New Year's illustrations.

Out of a total of 138 art works that were submitted in this year's art competition, instead of 12, as previously planned, 24 drawings were selected to be used as illustrations for Sasa’s calendars for 2024. As last year, the other drawings received in the competition will decorate the New Year greetings that will be sent to Sasa Mine’s employees, associates and partners.

The artworks selection committee, commented that all the drawings that arrived at this year's art competition are truly exquisite and beautifully portray the way children experience Sasa mine and the impact of its operation on their families and the community. We sincerely thank all the children who participated in the competition and encourage them to continue developing their talent.

This is a second consecutive year that Sasa Mine has run a competition for artworks by children between the ages of 5 and 15 who live in Makedonska Kamenica municipality, as well as Sasa employees’ children. Its main goal is to encourage creativity and talent development among children from the local community.

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