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A new inclusive children's playground was built with a donation from SASA

SASA Mine donated a new inclusive children’s playground located in the premises of ​​the kindergarten Bambi and the Daycare Center for people with disabilities in Makedonska Kamenica. The playground provides access for children with disabilities as well, which encourages their greater inclusiveness during their stay in these two establishments, as well as for recreational activities.

This project was proposed by the kindergarten and is part of the annual program for supporting projects of importance to the local community, for the implementation of which SASA provides continuous financial support.

"We are pleased to support the implementation of this project because we believe that all children should have a happy childhood and equal access and opportunities to use playgrounds and other places that are important for their development and enable easier integration into society," said SASA Mine General Manager Scott Yelland.

Through the newly established Foundation for the Support of Sustainable Development, SASA Mine recently reaffirmed its intention to continue investing more than $300,000 a year in various fields, such as sports, education and the environment, which are important to people's lives and prosperity and the local community.

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