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Atanasovski: New capital investments in SASA are important for local economic development

Makedonska Kamenica, 04.03.2022 – SASA Mine continues to implement the new capital investment program worth over 20 million dollars. The Mayor of Makedonska Kamenica Dimcho Atanasovski had the opportunity to get acquainted with the current progress, during his first visit to SASA, which was agreed at the meeting with the representatives of the management team of the mine, which took place immediately after assuming office.

"I am pleased to have had the opportunity to visit SASA and get directly acquainted with the implementation of new capital investment projects that should enable further sustainable development of the mine. On this occasion, I would like to emphasize that SASA, as the largest economic capacity in our municipality and beyond, is of great importance for the local economic development and provides social security for many families, which is especially important in such turbulent current times. That is why I support such responsible companies to receive the full support for the implementation of their development plans that bring benefits to all, both locally and nationally for the long term," said the mayor of Makedonska Kamenica, Dimcho Atanasovski.

During the visit, Mayor Atanasovski was presented with the current investments in SASA in all mine operations, which in the past four years since the entry of investors - the company Central Asia Metals from London - exceeded 30 million dollars. The bulk of these funds is invested in the procurement of new modern mining equipment and production technology, in the digitalization of certain work processes, in the occupational safety and protection system, as well as in further improving the standards and conditions for work and professional development and employee well-being.

On this occasion too, Mayor Atanasovski got acquainted with the effects of the large number of socially responsible activities and projects aimed at supporting the community, which SASA is implementing continuously, and in the implementation of which over 400 thousand dollars were invested last year alone.

"We were delighted to welcome the Mayor of Makedonska Kamenica to the SASA mine for his visit. We are acutely aware of the symbiotic relationship between the mine and the local community and it is essential that we maintain and further build upon the strong relationships we have in Makedonska Kamenica and at a national level. Through such visits and direct communication, we have the opportunity to present our development projects to the institutions, as well as our community support programmes, which paves the way for their faster and more efficient implementation, which is good for everyone - both for the company and its employees and for the local community and for the whole country, because the success of SASA means success for all," says the General Director of SASA Scott Yelland.

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