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Celebrating 15 years since the SASA restart

On the 12th of June SASA celebrated the 15th anniversary of the re-opening of the mine with acknowledgements for employees past and present, as well as local and national partners who have made a significant contribution to the success of SASA during this period. This period followed June 12, 2006, when SASA resumed production of lead-zinc ore after a bankruptcy case was initiated in 2003 to close the mine, causing job losses, social insecurity for many families and economic stagnation of the local area.

To mark this important year, SASA has announced its intention to make a significant contribution totalling over €100,000 for the construction of the new "Mladost" youth park in Makedonska Kamenica. This contribution will pay for the installation of park equipment and the planting of trees and other shrubs, as well as the physical development of the park.

"In the last 15 years, SASA has continued operating and developing successfully thus contributing to the prosperity of the community and providing employment and economic security for many families and has grown into one of the most successful North Macedonian companies. SASA employees are to be credited for this great success because of their hard work and expertise," said SASA Mine General Manager Scott Yelland.

Since London based company, Central Asia Metals became the owner of SASA in 2017, more than $30 million has been invested at the mine in the procurement of new and modern mining equipment, in the digitalization of technical processes, in improving safety, raising standards and working conditions in the mine, as well as in the professional development and education of SASA employees. Intensive investments in the further sustainable development of SASA have been announced for the coming period.

The Board of Directors of Central Asia Metals has already approved an additional $20 million in capital investments in the development of SASA. We are currently working with government ministries to agree on the implementation of these developments which will ensure the sustainable future of the mine for the long term. In parallel, we will continue to support the development of the local community in areas such as sports, education and caring for the most vulnerable in our society. We are delighted to be able to materially contribute to the new Mladost park, which we believe will be enjoyed by the whole Makedonska Kamenica community." Yelland emphasized.

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