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Donation from SASA for the International day of people with disabilities

This year, on the occasion of the 3rd of December - International Day of People with disabilities, SASA continues its constant support intended for this important segment of the local community.

This year, through its Foundation for the support of sustainable development, SASA has donated equipment and materials to the Daycare centre fоr people with disabilities, whose services are used by 15 people in the municipality of Makedonska Kamenica.

The donation consists of beds, air conditioners, toys, paper and drawing utensils, a printer and other office supplies.

“With its continuous support for people with disabilities, SASA is demonstrating complete understanding of the needs, attention and care that is necessary to these fellow citizens, so they can feel that they are truly integrated in the community. All of us that are part of this system, we are extremely grateful to SASA for this type of support which sets great example and encouragement for other companies and entities in the society about how to act.” – said in this occasion Blagoj Stoimenovski - Head of the Daycare centre for people with disabilities in Makedonska Kamenica.

Every person, regardless status and needs deserves to be equally happy and included in the society, SASA said, explaining the company motive for the support that continuously each year is providing for people with disabilities. This type of support will continue in future, SASA officials announced.

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