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Female employees from SASA participated in the annual race for the promotion of an active lifestyle

Female representatives from the SASA team participated in the 11th edition of the "Avicenna Women's Race", which took place in the beginning of April in Skopje.

Over 3,000 women participated in this year's three-kilometer race, which is a record number compared to previous years. The main goal is the promotion of an active lifestyle and its importance for health and vitality.

Every year this race is organized in co-operation with the National Association for Help and Support of People with Multiple Sclerosis.

All of us at SASA are very proud of our female colleagues who took part in this year's race and were our ambassadors in supporting and encouraging women who are struggling with multiple sclerosis. Through this activity, we as a Company, are sending a very significant message about the need to increase public awareness in the fight against this difficult chronic disease in our country.

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