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Five years since CAML's entry into SASA - $52 million already invested in sustainable development

Makedonska Kamenica, 15.11.2022 – The SASA mine has celebrated the 5th anniversary of it joining Central Asia Metals (CAML) – a specialised mining company based in London, United Kingdom. North Macedonia's largest lead and zinc mine was visited by the British Ambassador Matthew Lawson, North Macedonia Chamber of Commerce President Branko Azeski, and Makedonska Kamenica Mayor Dimcho Atanasovski. During the visit, they were acquainted with SASA's investments so far and the effect and significance for the broader community, as well as the implementation of the new capital project, worth over $25 million, that is to enable SASA's further sustainable development.

"Celebrating this anniversary is very significant to us all. Since becoming part of the Central Asia Metals Group, a new era of overall production modernisation and development started at SASA, benefitting everyone, including the employees, the local economy and the community. The continuous support we have been receiving from CAML, as well as the cooperation with local and national level institutions and other partners, guarantees that we will realise the new capital investments that will enable SASA's safe, environmentally responsible, and stable operations in the years to come. SASA will be able to continue on the path of success and sustainable development, ensuring the well-being of its employees, supporting the local community and contributing to the country's overall prosperity," said the General Director of SASA, Chris Colbourne.

Over the past five years, CAML has invested $52 million across all major segments of SASA's development. A significant portion of these funds have been invested in the purchase of new, state-of-the-art mining equipment and production technology, the digitisation of certain work processes, the occupational safety and protection system, as well as the further improvement of standards and working conditions and professional development and employee welfare. In addition, during this period, more than $1.7 million has been invested in the implementation of various sustainability activities and projects intended to support the local community.

"Delighted to visit one of the flagship British investments in North Macedonia at the SASA mine complex, developed in partnership with the local community and bringing skilled jobs to Makedonska Kamenica. UK investment in North Macedonia going from strength to strength,” said British Ambassador Matthew Lawson.

The president of the largest business association in the country also joined the 5th anniversary congratulations, emphasising that it is precisely these investments in the mines' modernisation that would contribute to the continuation of North Macedonia’s long mining tradition.

"In the face of global health, energy, and price crises, the consequences of which, no one can predict for certain, investments in sustainable development are the best way to pave a better future. In addition to the modernisation of production, they also enable increased safety and improvement of the working conditions in mining, more effective environmental protection, even greater well-being of the employees and their families, and of course, additional benefits for the country's overall economic development, which is our common goal," said the President of the North Macedonia Chambers of Commerce, Branko Azeski.

For Makedonska Kamenica Mayor Dimcho Atanasovski, the SASA mine, as the largest economic entity in the municipality, is of great importance for the local economic development and provides social security to a large number of families, which is especially important in the current times of crisis. "That is why responsible companies and investors like SASA and CAML will continue to have the support of our local government in the implementation of their development projects that are yielding long-term benefits for our entire community and beyond," the Mayor of Makedonska Kamenica stressed.

Central Asia Metals PLC is a mining company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM: CAML). In addition to the SASA lead and zinc mine in Makedonska Kamenica, it also owns 100% of the Kounrad copper operation in Kazakhstan.

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