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New SASA afforestation campaign: 5000 seedlings planted near the mine

Makedonska Kamenica, 07.04.2022 - This year as well, the SASA Mine continues with the realization of the long-term afforestation project. In the latest action carried out on April 5th and 6th, 5.000 new seedlings of indigenous trees were planted on an area of two hectares in the vicinity of the mine. This action was realized in cooperation with PE National Forests and PE Kamena Reka from Makedonska Kamenica.

"The program for planned afforestation is one of the long-term projects for environmental protection that we at SASA are happy to implement and invest in. With such activities, in addition to reclamation of the former tailings, afforestation of the surrounding areas as well as renewal and enrichment of the existing forest fund has been performed. This afforestation campaign contributes to landscaping and protection of the land from erosion and reduces the risks of landslides that are common in these areas. At the same time, the further increase of the forest fund contributes to maintaining the high air quality that is one of characteristics of this area, as well as to mitigating the consequences of climate change which is of great importance for the sustainable development of the community that is our long-term goal", said Ivica Talevski, SASA Sustainability Director.

The engagement and investments of SASA in this domain will continue in the future through the realization of its own actions for afforestation, as well as by participating in joint projects with institutions and organizations from the local community.

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