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SASA continues to support the sustainability of fish stock in Lake Kalimanci

Makedonska Kamenica, 26.11.2021 – Thanks to the financial support provided by SASA Mine, the Association of Fishermen - Sports Club "Sharan" conducted an action for renewal and replenishment of the fish stock in Lake Kalimanci.

As part of the latest action, stocking of the lake with about 1500 kilograms of carp fish was carried out today, and an additional stocking of about 500 kilograms was announced, which will be carried out in the coming period.

The latest stocking of the lake was carried out in the presence of representatives from the State Inspectorate for Agriculture, the Food and Veterinary Agency, as well as the SASA Mine.

This activity is part of the multi-year cooperation between SASA and the association "Sharan", through which the mine provides funds for the purchase of fish offspring and stocking of Lake Kalimanci, as well as for the functioning and implementation of the activities of this association.

This support is part of the projects that SASA implements continuously, and are intended to support the local community, environmental protection and sustainable development.

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