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Sasa Mine continues to award scholarships to mining and geology students at the state university in Shtip

The lead and zinc mine Sasa continues its long-standing collaboration with the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences within the University ‘Goce Delchev’ in Shtip. As part of the collaboration, this year SASA, through its Foundation for Support of Sustainable Development, offered scholarships to all enrolled first-year students in the academic year 2023/2024 for studies in mining and geology at this faculty.

During the official signing of the contracts with the new Sasa scholarship holders, a joint meeting was held with the Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, at which the results of the previous years, as well as the continuation of the future support from Sasa for the students of this higher education institution were discussed.

"It is our great pleasure to continue our collaboration with the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, this scholarship program for the students of this faculty is particularly significant to us. With its implementation, we want to encourage young people to choose to study technical sciences that will ensure a strong foundation for future career development in our industry. At the same time, we hope that this kind of our support will be an additional motivation for young people to build their future here, in their local community and their homeland, instead of going abroad," said the Sasa Foundation Director Ivica Talevski.

In addition to financial support, during their studies, Sasa enables its scholarship holders to get to know the way of work and functioning of a modern and responsible mine. Those who show the best results during their studies will receive additional points when applying for employment at Sasa.

"Thanks to the constant innovations and investments in state-of-the-art equipment, technology and practices, the Sasa mine offers excellent opportunities for young people who want to build their professional skills and their career in the industry. Recognising this potential, for us as a higher educational and scientific institution, collaboration with Sasa is particularly significant. Through such collaboration, we enable our students during their studies to get the significant practical knowledge and understand all the important aspects of the profession they have chosen. The particularly significant part of that collaboration is the scholarships provided by Sasa for our students, which help and further motivate them to strive for the best academic achievements in the field," says Prof. Dr. Gjorgi Dimov - Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences at "Goce Delchev" University.

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