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SASA supports the participation of WFC Kamenica SASA in the UEFA Champions League 2021

SASA Mine General Director Scott Yelland met with members of the Kamenica SASA women's football team, which is sponsored by SASA, before their departure to Italy where they will play their first match of this year's UEFA Champions League against Juventus on August 18.

"We are happy and extremely proud of the huge success you have achieved by winning the domestic football championship again, which has allowed you to compete with the best teams in the UEFA Champions League for two years in a row. Additionally, we are very proud that this championship team includes the young engineer in SASA Ana Dimitrovska. I am sure that, as before, you and the team will give your best in all the upcoming matches within the championship and win new matches that will bring great joy to all of us in the whole community; you will write a new page in the sports history of the country," SASA General Director Scott Yelland told the players, emphasizing that SASA will continue to be with them and the team, as before by providing the necessary support for future successes.

SASA provides financial support for the women's football club Kamenica SASA. For this participation in the matches of the Champions League too, SASA provided funds for the purchase of new jerseys and other necessary equipment for the players, as well as to cover the travel expenses of the team.

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