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SASA will continue to invest over $300,000 a year in community development

Through the newly established Foundation for Support of Sustainable Development, the SASA Mine confirmed its intention to continue investing more than 300,000 USD annually in various areas important for life and the prosperity of the citizens and the local community. This was announced at the meeting of the representatives of the SASA management team with the British Ambassador HE Rachel Galloway, who was in Makedonska Kamenica on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the restart of the mine, where she got acquainted with the implementation of some previous and ongoing socially responsible projects as well as SASA's future investment plans for community development.

"For us at SASA, success is complete only if it is shared with the people and the community in which we live and work. Therefore, thanks to the support we receive from our owners - the London based company Central Asia Metals, as well as the cooperation with central and local institutions and partners, such as the British Embassy, we will continue to work on the further sustainable development of SASA, which will open new opportunities for even greater investment in projects that are important to the prosperity of the people and the local community," said SASA Sustainability Director Ivica Talevski, thanking the British Embassy and HE Ambassador Galloway for the expressed interest and continuous support.

During the visit, the British Ambassador, among other things, got acquainted with the work of the SASA Training Center, as well as the support provided by the company for the introduction of the new concept of dual education within the municipal high school and scholarships awarded to students at the University of Stip. Such support should create new perspectives for the career development and employment prospects of young people.

The Ambassador was introduced to the investments of SASA in the segment of health care and the support of socially vulnerable citizens in the community, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the latest project for the construction of the park ‘Mladost’ in Makedonska Kamenica, in which over 100 thousand euros have been invested. The plan for investments in the horticultural arrangement of the new green urban zone in the city was also presented.

"Makedonska Kamenica is a great example of the fact that when there is real vision, understanding and cooperation between businesses, institutions and citizens, then visible results can be achieved that bring progress and better quality of life in the community," said British Ambassador, HE Rachel Galloway, congratulating the team of SASA and Central Asia Metals for the overall work so far and plans for future investments in the development of the community.

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