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The new Training Center for SASA employees was opened

Following its strategy of continuous investments in the development of human capital and continuous improvement of the knowledge and skills of employees, SASA Mine opened a new Center for training its employees.

The new center is located in the same building with the Office for Communication with the Local Community at 28 "Rudarska" Street in Makedonska Kamenica. The fact that the Center is located in the city, instead of in the mining complex, will allow the employees to get away from their daily work responsibilities and fully concentrate on the topics that will be presented in the framework of the trainings.

Modern equipment has been installed in this Center, which makes it possible to carry out different types of lectures and presentations in several languages, by experts from different fields from our country and from abroad. In this way, SASA employees get the opportunity to expand their existing and acquire new knowledge in several areas.

In addition to this new Center for employee, which is designed for soft skills development, SASA also has a Training Center in which, according to a certified program, practical professional training is carried out for students and other persons who are not employed by SASA and wish to improve their practical skills in areas which are related to technological processes in SASA.

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