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New donations from SASA Foundation to the local community

As part of its continuous support to the local community, SASA Mine, through its Foundation for Sustainable Development, recently fulfilled donations in three areas that have been identified as particularly significant for the life and prosperity of the entire community.

The first donation a contribution to the environment and consists of different types of deciduous and evergreen trees that will be planted in eight locations throughout the town of Makedonska Kamenica. The selection of the exact locations, the preparation of the terrain and the planting of the trees will be carried out by the teams from the public utility company "Kamena Reka". This is not the first environmental donation. The SASA mine and the SASA Foundation continuously invest in reforestation on the territory of the Makedonska Kamenica municipality.

Also, books were donated that will contribute to the enrichment of the literary fund of the city library "Krste Petkov Misirkov" in Makedonska Kamenica. The latest donation from SASA Mine and SASA Foundation consists of new books that will bring the total literary fund in this library to over 14,000 editions, intended for readers of all ages.

The third donation is in the area of protection and affirmation of cultural heritage. For this purpose, SASA Foundation provided new sets of men's and women's folk costumes for the members of the cultural and artistic society "Vera Jocic" from Makedonska Kamenica.

The SASA mine, through its Foundation, will continue to invest in various areas that are significant for the local community and that improve the quality of people's lives.

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