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At the meeting with the new mayor, SASA reaffirmed its commitment to further community support

SASA Mine, through its Foundation for support the sustainable development will continue with the realization of projects in all areas that have effect on the quality of life of the citizens of the municipality of Makedonska Kamenica and the prosperity of the local community.

The support that SASA provides to the community was one of the topics on the first meeting of the SASA management team representatives with the new mayor of Makedonska Kamenica, Dimco Atanasovski. It was stated at the meeting that the good cooperation between SASA Mine and the municipality, which is in the interest of the community and is contributing to securing sustainable development of the mine will continue in the future.

As a generator of the local economic development, SASA Mine has huge influence to the social stability and prosperity to the residents of our municipality and wider in the entire eastern region. Therefore, it is of great importance for it to continue to grow and develop, which will be able to continue to contribute to the development of the entire community. In the fulfilment of its development plans SASA can further count on the cooperation and partnership with the municipality and other local institutions”- said the mayor of Makedonska Kamenica, Dimcho Atanasovski.

At this meeting, Mayor Atanasovski, was introduced by the representatives of the management team to the investments in SASA so far in all segments of operations, especially in terms of production, safety and working conditions and welfare of employees, realized by investors - the company Central Asia Metals from London.

In the past four years since Central Asia Metals has become owner of SASA Mine, there have been investments of more than 30 million dollars in modern mine equipment, digitalization, improvement of security, raising the standards and working conditions in the mine, as well as in the professional development and well-being of the employees. A capital programme costing approximately 20 million dollars is currently underway at SASA, which sees us adjust to a more efficient mining method for the future. In this moment we are cooperating with relevant institutions in order to agree on the implementation of the development project, which should ensure a long and prosperous life for the mine. Parallelly, we are continuing with our support to the local community, having recently established our own charitable Foundation in the following areas: community development, education of youth, care for the environment and help for the most vulnerable groups in the community” – said at the meeting with the mayor, General Director of SASA, Scott Yelland.

On this occasion, congratulating him on taking office, the representatives of the SASA management team handed over to the Mayor of Makedonska Kamenica a photo from the beginning of the construction of the new decline to the underground operations, which is part of the current development project and will facilitate easier and more efficient access to ore deeper in the mine.

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