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Open call for participation to children art competition 2023

This year too, the SASA Mine is announcing a public art competition for children's drawings with motifs related to the operation of the mine and its significance for people, families and the local community.

All children from 5 to 15 years of age who live in the municipality of Makedonska Kamenica, as well as the children of SASA employees who are of that age, are eligible for the competition.

Artworks should be submitted no later than November 27, 2023 to the Office for Communication with the Community of SASA Mine (St. Rudarska no. 28, Makedonska Kamenica). SASA employees may submit their children's work to the Personnel Office.

The following information should be written on the back of the drawing: name and surname of the child; name and surname of the parent/guardian; date of birth of the child; residential address and contact telephone number. By submitting their artwork, the child and their parent/guardian automatically give permission for it to be used by SASA.

By the end of November, a committee will select the top 12 works of art that committee members believe best represent the SASA mine and its contribution to people and the community. Each winner will be awarded with 3,000 denars. These drawings will be used to create a calendar for the year 2024 that will be intended for the employees and associates of SASA Mine, as well as for other appropriate occasions.

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