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SASA received the national award for the best implemented occupational health and safety system

The lead and zinc mine SASA from Makedonska Kamenica is the highest ranked business entity in this year's selection of companies with the best implemented system for safety and health at work. This selection was carried out by the Council for Safety and Health at Work, with the support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. SASA won the highest number of points in the evaluation of systems and applied practice for safety and protection at work in companies, which was carried out by a special committee composed of experts in this field and occupational medicine doctors.

For its continuous efforts and investments in creating a healthy and safe environment for employees, SASA was presented with an award at the event marking the European Week for Safety and Health at Work.

"Safety has been and will remain the primary and highest priority for SASA. We want to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, contractors and visitors, and that is why we are constantly and determinedly working towards the common goal of zero lost-time injuries at SASA. We are encouraged by our achievements so far in the area of safety and working conditions. They are the result of the commitment and efforts of all employees, as well as the continuous investments of the company in the application of the highest safety standards in this industry. We expect that by implementing the capital investments in technology and new equipment, as well as in the digitalisation of processes, we will further improve the working conditions and safety of the entire mine," said the General Director of SASA Christopher Colbourne.

In the past six years since the entry of Central Asia Metals in SASA, significant investments have been made in providing good working conditions and new protective equipment has been purchased for all employees. Modern procedures for safety and prevention of work-related injuries have also been introduced, as well as additional trainings that are regularly carried out by the team in charge of safety and by external specialists, in order to ensure that every SASA employee is ready to take care of his own and the safety of his or her colleagues. In order to improve the ability to respond to emergencies on site, special rescue chambers equipped with the most modern equipment have been built, and a special safety and rescue team has been formed whose members are continuously trained in the latest safety techniques.

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